How to best promote your music online

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There are so many music PR and marketing agencies that offer music marketing services to help musicians such as yourself to promote your music online as well as develop a profile within mainstream radio, print, and TV. So, with so many different PR and marketing companies offering a similar situation, which company do you choose? And more importantly – how do you best promote your music online?

Before we dive in – making great music that people engage with is key. This should be your primary focus. If your music isn’t well written and people don’t like it then you’ll fall at the first hurdle – something we know you don’t want. And we don’t want for you either.

Now that’s out the way, let’s talk about how best to promote your music online, and grow your fan online.

Set yourself clear objectives with measurable results

When learning about how best to promote your music online, a lot of our customers ask us very similar questions such as: ‘how can I promote my music online more effectively?’, ‘how do I get my music noticed online?’, and ‘how can I promote my music online for free?’ to name a few.


So, let’s ask you – what would you like people to learn about your music? How would you like them to take action, for example, download one of your songs? When would you like them to take action?

As a starting point, we’d always recommend setting clear objectives with measurable results. For example ‘I’d like 10 people to download my song by December XXXX’. Regardless of what project you are managing – in this case, it’s how best to promote your music online – setting a measurable objective, or objectives will help you to manage your project more effectively and keep you focused; retaining your attention and being accountable for the results.

That way, you will have a clear direction as to where best to focus your resources (time, effort, and money) and which activities achieve the best results.

It is perfectly okay to give things away for free – we’ve all done it – but the question is: when you give things away for free, what do you get in return? You may get one follower or you may not get any followers, it’s an ‘I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best’ type of scenario when it comes to how many followers you may receive. Regardless, however, ‘I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best’ type of scenario, but is that the most efficient and strategic way to manage things? Does hoping for 10 extra followers quantify you giving your music away for free? You should always value your music highly enough to encourage people to pay for it.

Develop an engaging online presence

After setting your objectives, the next step is to build an engaging online audience – but doing so in a very strategic and well-thought-out way. It’s no secret how valuable having a powerful social media presence is; it gives your music exposure, increases the likelihood of people hearing your music, and opens up doors that may not have necessarily been opened before.


To get the best use out of social media, the most valuable advice we, as a music PR company, can give is to choose the relevant platforms, for example, does your target audience hang out on TikTok? Do they hang out on Instagram? Or how about Twitter? Use those platforms where you know your target audience hangs out. Then, maintain a consistent, engaging, and active presence across those platforms. By doing this, you will then ensure that you use your time and effort more effectively by marketing to those people who you know like, and ultimately want to download, your music.

The next step any online advice source tends to give is to outline a huge array of online methods from Mixcloud to Soundcloud, Bandcamp to Bandsintown, Kickstarter to Songkick that they say will help you build your profile online. However, the reality is that this advice is pointless unless you have first developed your music to the best level you possibly can. Hone your craft then start looking for opportunities on the internet.

So what is the best way to promote your music online?

The best way to promote your music online when working with a reputable agency is to interact with them, make sure you get weekly reporting, and then discuss with your team targets and how to adapt your campaign as it develops.

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