Important tips for the best music PR companies

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Hiring a good music pr company is very important for any artist. Here are few important tips that should be follow by every music pr company:

  1. Follow the plan outlined that the client is paying for.
  2. Make sure there is a weekly reporting structure that the band or artist can relate to.
  3. Make sure that there is a team working with an artist and not just a ‘one man /woman band’ who promises to do everything.
  4. The company should clearly state the key labels, companies that the main individual running things has worked at hence being clear about their pedigree.
  5. They should have recommendations sprinkled around their site showing especially developing acts, other satisfied acts at their level with whom they have worked.
  6. They should have a history of creative publicity that can be seen ideally on their site which shows how they have helped other like minded acts to gain music pr coverage.
  7. The company should have a system at the start of the campaign which allows them to fully understand all relevant hooks relating to the artist background and the way their music has come about.
  8. They must offer a reasonable method of payment and not ask for all the money in advance.
  9. The pr company should have a trading history which means that your campaign will not suddenly fall apart should they enter financial problems which is a major problem within this sector due to the array of small companies of one person trying to cope with too many spinning plates.
  10. They should be easy to work with so you know that any worries or problems can be fixed when you get your reports.

Follow these simple guidelines and hopefully you will be working with a team who follow the best music pr company methods of working , as results are always open to question and hence structure and the easy to follow plan is vital to everyone involved in the project development.

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