Key PR tips for a successful local music PR campaign

by quitegreat
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Here are a few music PR tips that help you to build a good profile and gain interest from managers and labels. 

First, think from the perspective of the local journalist , why should they write about you other than you are a local artist? The more you think about what it is that the journalist needs from you in order to feature your music in their newspaper, magazine or blog then more coverage you will get. 

Give them an angle, give them something interesting to write about, link up with local events, contact charities and see if you can help them and hence by raising funds for them you will be able to get involved in their events and develop a relationship that may work for everyone. 

Look at all aspects of your music , from lyrical content to stories relating to you and other band members , is there something that jumps out and takes your music beyond the music and that you can see would make good editorial content. The first simple steps with any artist growing their media profile need to start with a simple approach which you can then put into a press release with your online links etc, add a good hi resolution pictures of your music/band and then you will be ready to take your first small step into approaching the media. 

Once you understand your band/music then when it comes to working with a good PR team so that you will be able to advise on what has worked and what hasn’t.

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